anti- aging pumkin peel

  $140 /60 min


In general, enzyme peels are specifically gentle on the skin’s surface because they mainly target dead skin cells. This means little to no irritation, and noticeably smoother, brighter, more radiant complexions. All peels are meant to exfoliate your skin, but what I particularly love about pumpkin enzyme peels is they are just as nourishing as they are exfoliating. Pumpkin reportedly contains over 100 nutrients to replenish the skin as a bonus to the resurfacing and smoothing properties. Some other skin-loving benefits include:Deep cleansing and corrective/ Firming/ Increased circulation/Fights free radical damage

vitamin c oxygen

powder PEEL

$140 /60 min

Beta 10 Peel Mask.jpg

The Vitamin C Oxygen Treatment is an advanced exfoliant system benefiting mature, dehydrated, dull, hyper-pigmented and congested skin types.The unique 2-step system gently exfoliates, while oxygen adds hydration and stimulates an enhanced barrier to instantly reveal a brighter and more smooth complexion.

blue deep sea herb peel     

$200 / 80 min

Green Apple Peel.jpg

What is seaweed powder?  As a natural seaweed in the deep sea, it is a natural seaweed from the deep sea that is rich in minerals, trace elements, eucopolysecolide, and natural enzymes. It helps to heal wounds on the skin by regulating the sebaceous glands and sebum secretion and replenishing minerals. A treatment that exfoliates the skin faster and encourages 3-year-old growth. Those with blemishes, acne, acne marks, large pores, and aging skin are less likely to become dry or sensitive, and you can get effects such as scar management, elasticity management, and whitening management.

green apple peel

$140 /60 min

Green Apple Peel.jpg

Green Apple Peel helps to REVIVE and RESTORE your skin.This light exfoliation peeling  is made with natural green apples, the treatment works to firm and tone skin for a more radiant appearance. It also helps to dissolve away unwanted oils, debris, toxins, and contaminants from our environment.Green Apple Peel’s Pyrus Malus (Apple) fruit extract and Lactic Acid exfoliates and conditions the skin, while Arbutin brightens and Ferulic Acid protects from free radicals. GA 30 Exfoliator prepares the skin for the treatment by gently loosening up the dead skin and oil(Revive, brighten, refresh, soften) Improves skin texture. Lighter & brighter complexion. Improves congested pores & acne. Reduces the appearance of fine lines. 

enzyme peel

$140 /60 min

Blue Deep sea Herbal Peel 2222.png

Enzymes are organic substances that sustain life and speed natural chemical reactions in the skin to renew skin cells while exfoliating dead cells . Enzyme peels can also diminish scars, age spots, fine lines, and discoloration, and may also penetrate the skin to cleanse pores and improve skin tone and texture . The most amazing thing about enzyme peels is that they do NOT damage or remove live tissue, they exfoliate ONLY dead cells, which is a big reason why enzyme peels are great for nearly all skin types.While the skin naturally sheds superficial skin cells (corneocytes), this shedding process slows down with age, and an irregular build-up leads to patches of dull skin and an uneven complexion. Most clients are familiar with mechanical exfoliation from scrubs like oatmeal, coffee, polyethylene or jojoba beads in addition to chemical exfoliation from AHAs like lactic, glycolic and azelaic acid. Few, however, are aware of enzymatic exfoliators, which are particularly beneficial for resilient oily and mature skin types. While mechanical exfoliators physically remove dead skin cells, chemical and enzymatic exfoliators work on the bonds, which hold the skin together. Exfoliating enzymes remove the dry superficial, dull skin cells (corneocytes) by digesting the proteins of the stratum corneum into smaller fragments, preventing a build-up. Enzymes can work more gently than AHA in breaking down the bonds, which hold shedding skin cells together and accelerate the skin’s natural exfoliation process. This is because they are activated by water and not pH and they are limited in the exfoliation they can achieve. They can prevent the increased keratinization around follicles, which block sebum flow and create blackheads in acne.