The fact that you were originally beautiful... ..

You might think that the traces of time have been erased by the hardships of life,

You were originally beautiful.

Skin plus by jayna is for you, to keep your skin beautiful and flawless.

I try harder.

We will help you fight acne, blemishes, scars and signs of aging.

We provide high-quality beauty care through decollete massage with delicate  technique and the latest equipment so that you can feel the true beauty.

Now I will find it again in skin plus by jayna.

I can't bring you back your past, but fate will re-sculpt the indescribable beauty and announce it out loud to everyone.

that you were originally a beautiful person...

About me:


Born in Seoul, South Korea, I graduated from a Beauty School in 2007 and came to Los Angeles in 2011. By opening my own cosmetology salon in Los Angeles, CA in June 2018 after serving the community about 4 years and achieving an esthetician license issued by the State of California, my passionate dream came true.


With cozy interior and space but not like other exquisite and luxurious skin care shop, I use the best skin care equipment and products that are used by the world class skin care salons in the world including Korea and that everyone dreams of. I strongly believe that the best scientific and technical equipment and the products will make the best skin, and I will offer the best technic that I can prove my own strengths. Further, I will provide the best service with my dedication and best efforts to my clientele. More thoroughly considering the customer's skin type and the supplementation of skin problems, the service will be customized without skin trouble.


Based on the results of research that helps to whitening and improving the function and skin moisturizing, high functional, high price ampoule and all skin lotion are not the process of applying on the skin with skin temperature, but all the products can be applied all over the face to increase effectiveness. (whitening, moisturizing, vitamin and collagen) In addition, it helps to strengthen skin's elasticity and soothes skin. Provides a rich moisturizing effect to dry skin to create a clear, healthy skin. It also differentiates all skin lotions with the principle of physical air pressure and uniform application of small particles to skin. It makes healthy and beautiful skin.

I continue to study the ingredients and principles of products based on skin type, acne, blemish, and troubles of each client and witness the result of the beauty of the customer and their satisfaction. Further, I study and work every day and try to find motivation.


*To directly provide a better service to customers, I do closely work for them without an assistant. In case, I do not answer your calls, please contact me via emails or text message with respect to reservation and further questions.

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